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2018-01-17 00:11:37 by HarraH

best bloke in the business... cos his music is so random and meaningless he makes anything seem not impossible

i love this character

buy his music now



How I solved my problem.

2018-01-08 01:02:49 by HarraH

I finished a 3 track playlist on my soundcloud with how I solved my fucking problem.

Talking is a lot easier for me now in real life. I carry my reputation in my speech. You can acquire infamy or reputation on the internet btw. Yes I am a wizard. 

Onwards and upwards, and lightfootedly. 

The first track is about how things went wrong in the house I grew up in.

The second track is me after not sleeping for 18 hours and grumpily pointing out something.

The third track is chill.

Feel free to leave a comment/poke fun at me. 


Edit: By the way, when you click the link, the stupid dumbfuck Soundcloud UI shows the songs in the opposite order. 

What do you think of this?

2017-12-30 11:11:08 by HarraH

It's a 7 minute mix I did.

I'm trying to point out something, so it's basically a musical riddle. 

3 tracks. 

In the first one I mix my distorted voice with some chords about death.

The second one is an energy trap, made in joke format. I bridge the 2 middle verses together even though they are opposites, then shut them off. The initial riff is running always throughout the song but you can't hear it always.

In the 3rd one I do something, sort of. I don't even know. It's about shredding guitar and grating cheese. 


Why a lot of people go insane....

2017-12-18 13:17:51 by HarraH

How do you FEEL about emotions?

Do they wear you down or bring you up?

My theory is that all feeling is just electric signals from our nerves, which can be affected by anything that creates a wavelength or signal.

People who understand how this works become psychic I guess. And better communicators. If you learn this somehow without realising (like through drugs like mushies), it fucks with your view of what you thought reality was and it's why a lot of people go insane. 

This is why insane conspiracy ideas exist like gangstalking, for instance. "Why did he cough?! What are they coughing about?!". That's really basic energy control and social etiquitte depending on your respect to different energetic variables... but I digress. 

Fear is normally from something unknown. 


I wrote an album about it, creating 3 emotional pieces and then attempting to capture imagery of a HUGE energy body in the 4th song... and doing something with it. 

"The Main Act"


0:00 - Dangerous Intro
1:10 - Impossible Intro
2:30 - Talk Shit Intro
3:15 - The Main Act



2017-12-12 12:46:45 by HarraH


It was Jimmy Saville I think...

2017-12-10 05:38:12 by HarraH

Yeah sorry, thanks for viewing my final track to remedy the collective consciouness, i was definitely demon possessed so yeah thanks everyone.

Having a rough day but if the horrors are revealing themselves I must have done something right. Aphex Twin is an idiot. Fripp may have saved the day.

I'd love it if people left comments as I really need someone to talk to.

RIP the internet

2017-11-23 12:29:28 by HarraH

RIP the internet. 1990 - 2007. 

Anyway, I've basically uprooted myself from Newgrounds and just leaving this post here to create a trail of breadcrumbs to my attempt at actual professional music, namely DnB.

Try copy and pasting the link if you want to visit the actual page. Have a nice day. 




2017-11-20 06:29:39 by HarraH

Uploaded an unpublished and previously secret MIDI keyboard album with a bunch of... interesting songs.

I thought I was going through heavy shit at the time but I was just creating bullshit for myself to feel bad over.

You live and learn. It's both funny and dark, and 100% weird. Maybe even original? :)


waiting on drugs

2017-11-14 05:00:27 by HarraH

gonna be a bonfire tonight lads

midi keyboard lads

board is set, pieces are off, credit card and cash note by the lampshade 

Looky here...

2017-11-05 23:15:25 by HarraH

Thanks for all the fish. I am now known as HAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Stay dark and spooky, Negrounds.