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2017-06-04 22:13:19 by HarraH

APHEX TWIN SUCKS COMPARED TO MODEST MOUSE SORRY (i knew this all along i just forgot oops)





I know I am a scout
I should've found a way out
So everyone can find a way out  


2018: trump realises most of his supporters have turned on him and the world sees him as a disgusting loser. the depression sinks in, intensified by the comedown of his election victory. his wife looks at him in the same way his supporters do... like a failure. his own wife. trump rummages through his bottom drawer for his revolver. his mouth is open, ready.




This Account Has Been Seized By MegaCorp International™

2017-03-18 16:44:08 by HarraH

All Rights To This Account Is Hereby Seized By MegaCorp International. All Music By The Author HarraH, All Artwork, Forum Postings, And Flash Movies, Now Belong To Us. This Account Previously Known As HarraH Is Now To Be Recognised As Account #32478983242389472392738947. All Previous Debts Are Nullified As Per Article Section #CENSORED.

This Has Been A Message From MegaCorp International™


Tutti i diritti di questo account è così sequestrate dalle MegaCorp internazionale. All Music dall'Autore Harrah, Tutta la grafica, pubblicazioni nel forum, e filmati Flash, ora appartengono a noi. Questo account Conosciuto in precedenza come Harrah deve ora essere riconosciuto come Account # 32478983242389472392738947. Tutti i debiti precedenti sono annullati ai sensi dell'articolo Sezione #CENSORED.

Questo è stato un messaggio da MegaCorp International ™



这已经是MegaCorp International™的消息


Tous les droits sur ce compte sont saisis par MegaCorp International. Toute la musique par l'auteur HarraH, toutes les oeuvres d'art, les annonces de forum, et les films instantanés, maintenant appartiennent à nous. Ce compte précédemment connu sous le nom de HarraH doit maintenant être reconnu comme numéro de compte 32478983242389472392738947. Toutes les dettes antérieures sont annulées selon la section Article #CENSORED.

Cela a été un message de MegaCorp International ™


irrational fear about music

2017-01-31 17:43:26 by HarraH

I have this irrational fear and expereince where there are certain textures, effects, melodies, elements of a song etc. that can cause pressures and pains in my body like in my heart or head for example, where I feel like I'm in danger. I never used to be like this, but now I can't listen to old songs I used to. I've had some fairly horrific experiences after making a song or listening back to recent ones where I've felt like I was going to pass out and my whole body goes weak and I go into like kneeling position (happened twice), this happens when I see them from a different (hindsight?) perspective. I rarely open itunes anymore and only for maybe 10 minutes, and I'm always careful when I check audio tracks on newgrounds too (shameful) because I had a really bad experience where I listened to a song that immediately started with some creepy chaos frequency synths followed by aggressive gating it reminded me of getting stabbed. so yeah its really annoying not being able to listen, say for example, aphex twin and not get paranoid and closing itunes. my 2 cents

Taking Requests + 'Boon'

2017-01-28 10:42:06 by HarraH

Finally learnt how to make music.


I like using other peoples ideas soooo... give me a theme like a movie or idea and i'll base a dnb track around it. Should take an hourish to make. :)


Feel free to add a title

the selections are:




Psychostep (aka murdermusic)

Harrah officially retired

2016-12-28 09:11:01 by HarraH

Making new cool account cya

Gonna start a new account hopefully nobody knows its me, it would be stupid to continuer HarraH at this point. Goodbye all :)

how can she slap?

2016-10-26 20:57:11 by HarraH