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Posted by HarraH - December 2nd, 2020

" I had a mental blow-out it's okay now. I had to construct a finite layer of context for tone to make passage on Facebook. There is a cult in my hometown and I had a run in many years ago. I am by their standards still marked and it resonates with me. So I keep tabs and attempt to deflect murder of the English tongue.

Speaking of which! This rap is just relaxed and bad but I spill hypothetically blood on this earth in the name of this mp3 electronically, it's my account yeah. Just chilling^tm "


Posted by HarraH - December 2nd, 2020



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Posted by HarraH - November 16th, 2020


Cool so the wall of text below might betray, elucidate or negate something but I have caught the tone of the motley crew on Reddit so I think as I notice the air around me clear and lift that they will wear their malintent unto a whisper as one would expect from the other side of town. https://www.reddit.com/user/YoGabbaGamer101

the delicacy of the tone doesn't translate here so you should perhaps read slowly

(spirit counsellor) noted some things about my disposition and my short-cut was to retort on a planar level instead of drawing contrast to his (high) aspect as I can go very (low) at a demon level in the form of drawing contrasts from highs to lows, but to short-cut my disposition is planar and incomparable. I played on (beast) to find it's purpose as it did lead to the (T) outcome but I know that the idea this is fleeting is due to heavy suicidal feelings. However I relish the idea that I am now on the side-line and I do feel space returning to have ideas and not follow a chain of logic.

Enjoying and comfortable in the (demon) aspect is bad for me as I have a sharp viewpoint. I see it diminishing.

Socially my character covers me and I have a place. And I get by better in this segment of my life over the past months. But I have heavy suicidal feelings due to playing on a shtick based around finding (T) for many years.

T was built construing context and confirmed when the 'worm' can be flicked off and permits a logic that it is of no consequence or it has no follow through.

I stapled a .gif of an infinite loop of computer screen into computer screen with a lofi windows Computer icon as a node (twitter//facebook) for OTHER people to get ideas... ideally we can breathe fresh air collectively.

The terrorist group did become clear to me as I shrugged them off and I have no humour but maybe they begin to sound depraved with no direct comparison or crutch//sway. It would be good for them to end despite lack of consequence. Or just fizzle out.

You should only feel bad they have very vivid detail. But this is the Tortoise and the Hare scenario.

I am curious what I can attribute to the SICKENING lethargic drain I experience and I hope it's not from depression as that won't be easy to cure. But I think freedom to have some space to mull over ideas instead of being pulled along like prayer beads...

Fair point to add the figments of character I coveted and possessed within the shtick I immediately want to completely discard as they aren't great and I just want something completely new. There is no (vexed) within me about morals it's the feeling and taste.

When I went on a nature walk maybe half a year ago from being lost in that environment (letting my mind wander and soak in) my eye-sockets became very dark and my eyes looked very effeminate and like, dark, from being there. It's neither here nor there in this context but it made me worry for myself like *it* is delicate and I do worry.

NOTE : In the previous segment tone is imparted that remarks a natural reaction from being blessed and then have it stolen from you. Our bodies are delicate and experiencing things all the time without our awareness and they do suffer for it even if you are tough. Look after yourself.

It's only strain?

People who choose to create or extend problems become amalgamations of the problem. They desperately fit the niche and lose free-will. It's predictable. That's why we call this order.

proximity != possible // logic error glitch






Posted by HarraH - November 16th, 2020


Posted by HarraH - November 14th, 2020

there was spirit quest glamour so i lose that

and this story is shared locally

so i manage the twitter signal correctly and i still have true colours despite burning out in this phase

as i am not high society my parents fucking are

i am low-key


Posted by HarraH - November 12th, 2020

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Posted by HarraH - November 9th, 2020

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