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Entry #154

Why a lot of people go insane....

2017-12-18 13:17:51 by HarraH

How do you FEEL about emotions?

Do they wear you down or bring you up?

My theory is that all feeling is just electric signals from our nerves, which can be affected by anything that creates a wavelength or signal.

People who understand how this works become psychic I guess. And better communicators. If you learn this somehow without realising (like through drugs like mushies), it fucks with your view of what you thought reality was and it's why a lot of people go insane. 

This is why insane conspiracy ideas exist like gangstalking, for instance. "Why did he cough?! What are they coughing about?!". That's really basic energy control and social etiquitte depending on your respect to different energetic variables... but I digress. 

Fear is normally from something unknown. 


I wrote an album about it, creating 3 emotional pieces and then attempting to capture imagery of a HUGE energy body in the 4th song... and doing something with it. 

"The Main Act"


0:00 - Dangerous Intro
1:10 - Impossible Intro
2:30 - Talk Shit Intro
3:15 - The Main Act



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2017-12-25 17:39:41

you got some bad ass style